Thursday, July 12, 2018

About biceps- Two heads are better than one!

Let me be frank. I am a scary dude because I have two heads. I swear it’s not my fault as I was born like this. My second name is brachii. That makes me Biceps brachii.

Each of my heads arises from the scapula and gets inserted into the humerus. To get along well with my colleagues (tendons and bones), I have several coverings-bicipital aponeuosis, bicipitoradial bursa . I am forced to get along well with them to help in smooth functioning of my host. 

I rank higher than the two muscles lying below me, coracobrachialis and brachialis. I am run by musculocutaneous nerve and cervical nerves. I am fed by the brachial artery. I flex the elbow, flex and abduct the shoulder and also help in supinating the forearm. My chief antagonist is triceps muscle.

If you have read enough, let me go on to some interesting facts.  When I flex, I look like the back of a mouse. This made the humans (living in Rome) call all the muscles as muscles  because musculus means ‘ little mouse’ in Latin. You can’t call me bicep because it is considered incorrect.

Between 1505 and 1510, there was an artist named Leonardo Da Vinci who drew my portraits and explained my functions. He was not believed because he was not an anatomist. Two hundred years later, I was rediscovered by William Cheselden and Guillaume Duchenne.

Another interesting fact is that because of me, horses can rest and sleep while standing.

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